Earrings which fits best at your face?

Earrings are beautiful jewelry to give you extra style outfit.
But how to choose the earrings that not only your outfit, but also your face out the best? and how do you know the earrings that fit? ...

Earrings to suit your face shape:

* Heart-shaped earrings with a teardrop shape or triangel- add volume to the narrowest part of your face and make it as balanced. Avoid earrings and earrings that are narrower at the end.

* Long: bear striking earrings that lead the eye upward and make your eyes sparkle and avoid long slender earrings.

* Oval: all types are good at this face shape, but especially 'dangling' earrings are stunning. Avoid too long earrings.

* Diamond Formation: wear earrings which are narrow at the top and out wide, but also studs and small earrings that are close to the face are a good idea. Avoid earrings that have the same (diamond) shape as your face or the widest point on your ear.

* Square: wear earrings that are longer than wide. Avoid square shapes.

* Round: Long slender earrings make your face look longer. Avoid round shapes.

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