What is my size? Measure bracelet size

BraceletsWhat is my size? Measure bracelet size

Never too big or too small again!

We are regularly asked how the bracelet size can be measured. Many people have the problem that bracelets are too big or too small for them. With this article you will soon know the right bracelet size for you!

What is my bracelet size?

In our webshop we offer different bracelets. But how do I determine the correct bracelet size? This is actually easy to measure.

Let's start with a misconception, because the bracelet size is not the same as the wrist size. Do use your wrist circumference when calculating the bracelet size. In addition, the preference for tight or loose bracelets is taken into account. Below for the calculation.

Example: you have a wrist size of 14 cm and you like to wear your bracelet tightly around the wrist. Then the bracelet should be 15.5 cm long!

Calculate wrist size

  1. Wrap a tape measure or string around your wrist, place it just behind the knuckle.
  2. Read the tape measure. If you use a string; put the string on a ruler and measure it that way.
  3. The measured number of cm is your wrist size!

Not sure how to measure your wrist size? Follow these steps:

Then use the schedule to calculate your bracelet size, super! you have determined your bracelet size!


It is even easier to measure a well-fitting bracelet and to maintain this length.

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