Nice jewelry for autumn-winter 2020

The leaves are falling again, autumn has really begun! New trends also come with a new season!
And with the autumn and winter period colder weather arrives. If you keep an eye on these jewelry trends, however, you will be delighted in the area of ​​jewelry!

Are you also curious about the new trends in beads, jewelry and accessories for Autumn - Winter 2020? We investigated for you what the latest trends and developments are. We hope to give you inspiration to complete your outfit for this fall / winter with beautiful jewelry and accessories.

In the coming weeks we will work with the new trends to create a nice collection of jewelry and accessories that match the trends of this autumn and winter.

What can we expect this fall, winter.

Jewelry trends 2020: necklaces

From gold to a (homemade) bead necklace. Even more beautiful: layer your chains by putting on three at a time.

Gold, gold gold

With these beautiful golden necklaces, nobody can take their eyes off you anymore:

Beaded necklaces

Why act simple when you can stand out? With these bead necklaces you are completely up to date with d

Jewelry trends 2020: bracelets

A bracelet out of fashion? Well, no. Match your outfit with the nicest colorful bracelets.

Beaded bracelets

Just like the bead chain, a bead bracelet gives your look a real one finishing touch. Even better: they come in different colors so you can match them with your outfit.

Fine bracelets

Nothing is more annoying than having that bracelet all day long. Fortunately, these fine bracelets will not bother you, plus they look beautiful!

Jewelry trends 2020: earrings

A nice outfit also includes a nice set of earrings! From pearls to simple rings, striking or minimalist: both are possible in 2020. It is also a real trend to make your own earrings. For example, hang something on it that means a lot to you. Be creative!


Simple, yet one of the biggest trends of 2020: the rings. Thick or thin, take your pick.

Striking pendants

The bigger, the better: pimp your look with these wonderfully striking pendants:

Earrings with a pendant

You won't expect it, but even a small change to your look, like these mini earrings, can change a lot! Plenty of choice to choose from, right?

Fashion colors Fall winter 2020

The latest fall and winter colors for 2020/2021 according to Pantone - the global authority on color. They publish a Fashion Color Report twice a year. We can expect these 16 colors (incl. 4 basic colors) in the clothing collections this season.

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