Choose the right necklace for your neckline?

Choosing a necklace that matches well with your clothes can give your outfit that little bit extra.
Certain chains do slightly better with certain necklines.
There are of course other combinations, but the choices below are the best in terms of shape and balance:

* Boothals
A boat neck is a somewhat wider round neck.
With a boat neck it is nice if the chain is a bit longer and falls well over the neckline.

* Round neck
Chains that follow the neckline are a good choice for the usual high-cut round neckline.
Even with a chain that just falls over the necklace, you can turn a regular shirt or sweater into something special.

* Scoop neck
For clothes with a low-cut round neckline, you can take shorter chains with a wider or chunky design.
It is best if the chain does not touch the clothing.
You can also opt for a somewhat simple long necklace that ends somewhere below your chest and above your belly button.

* Col
Turtlenecks often create a large, solid surface and then a chain is a good way to break that surface. Medium to long chains with or without a pendant are very suitable.

* V neck
Chains that emphasize the V shape are often the best for clothing with a V-neck. A chain that falls over the edge of the clothing is not very suitable.

* Strapless
A strapless neckline could use some decoration. A round chain that falls high is a good choice. You get a more striking look with a chain that falls a bit lower, just over the edge of the top.

* Waterfall neck
With a waterfall neck, the fabric falls down in folds and that is often a bit of a busy whole. A simple short chain that falls above the neckline or another simple long chain is the best choice.

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