Nice that you have found Marqueza bijoux!
In Marqueza bijoux buy the most beautiful handmade jewelry in the online shop! The Marqueza bijoux jewelry is made by hand in our workshop in the Netherlands! The jewelry will be used only quality durable materials that are hand selected before being processed into jewelery.

The special materials come from nature such as glass beads, mother of pearl, wood, seeds, kernels and nuts from Amazon. All jewelry, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings are made piece by piece by hand in its design.

The exclusive preserve of the jewelry is that all but a limited edition is years.The range of Marqueza bijoux consists of handmade necklaces, bracelets, beautiful earrings, rings and complete sets!

"I like beautiful things that make people happy, that's my passion"
My studio is located in Eindhoven.
A jewel of Marqueza bijoux are you sure you want something exclusive hebt.Kijk around, and continue to keep the website regularly for updates!

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Wooden earrings

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Wooden earrings


Unique & Handmade

All jewelry is designed & made by jewelry designer Marqueza Linero. This ensures that you are wearing a unique piece of jewelry.

Customization Possible

Want earrings slightly longer or shorter? An adjustment was made so. A jewel to design to accompany your wedding dress? That is also possible!

Wrapped as gifts

All jewelry will be wrapped as gifts. Will you do know jewelry is in the package? Ask for a mention of this on the delivery note!